Homer's Odyssey In A Honda Odyssey Is A Terrifying Use Of A Minivan

It's definitely possible the Honda Odyssey will become some sort of fixture in future college theatre projects, as a symbol of suburban life in the 2000s. And it's always useful in reinterpreting the Odyssey. The one by Homer. Not that Homer.

I stumbled upon this piece by Johanna Kozma featured on KCET of a rendition of episode five that takes place in a moving Odyssey (the Honda).

In my version, however, she does not relent, but stands her fierce ground, eventually using her witchery to get both the god and her man back to her cave. The play takes place in a Honda Odyssey minivan while it journeys around the Los Angeles freeway, for two people at a time.


It's a lot of stuff going on in this five-minute video, but I see the case for theatre in cars. Might I suggest a Chrysler minivan with Stow 'n Go next time? It's probably more flexible.

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