We've seen exploding manholes before, but those were the puny affairs of a dying superpower. For a big boom, you need to go to a place that is bursting with national pride and economic enthusiasm. A place like China. Where a few people can basically destroy a street with just a little explosive encouragement.


It being Monday, my Chinese is a little rough. But I've run the original story from hb.sina.com.cn through the magical infallible genius of Google Translate, and apparently this is what happened:

At 15:35 on the 20th, Changfeng Avenue Furuta Road bang, big explosions underground, the road was blasted, the scene of a vehicle damaged. Witnesses said: "There was a sewer manhole cover was opened, four people near the site seems to be on the one lit red rope out into the inside, just stretched it out into the wellhead as the launch rocket began to spray fire, the four men immediately ran away, and then shake the ground on up, go down after the explosion!

Well folks, there you have it. Four people put a rope that was colored red inside, a rocket started spraying fire, and everyone ran away. The ground went up, and then it went down.

Stay away from Chinese streets. Or at least the manhole covers.

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