Remember when filling up your gas tank was cheap enough that it didn't have to involve a rubber hose, a breath mint and running from the cops? Those were the days! But one New York gas station rolled back the prices on gas for one day only — just not for the reasons you might think.

Our old pal well-dressed Virginia gentleman and New York Times scribe Benjamin Preston reports that as part of a promotion for the third season of TNT's Dallas, a station at at 10th Avenue and 36th Street sold gas starting at a little under $2 a gallon for 12 hours on Monday. Right now the average price of regular gas in New York City is $3.75.


The promotion took place at a gas station temporarily rebranded "Ewing Energies," which fits with TNT's reboot of the 1980s oil-themed soap opera. They even advertised the super-cheap gas with this ad in Sunday's Times.

The Times says that predictably, the line for gas was two blocks long by the mid-afternoon. Feel free to bring your cheap gas back to Manhattan (or Washington, D.C. where I am) anytime you want, TNT!

Photo credit Dallas Facebook page

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