Watch A Subaru WRX Pull A Police Car Out Of The Snow

The Subaru WRX is one of those wonderful "do everything" cars. It's fast, it handles well, it can go anywhere, and it's tough as nails — all while being superbly practical. Here's something else it can do: pull cop cars out of Michigan snow.

NASIOC poster Kbraun posted a video of his friend Bobby rescuing a stuck police car from some deep snow this week in Hazel Park, Michigan. Those Dodge Chargers have delightful Hemi V8 muscle, you see, but few things can beat what sounds like a nasty modified WRX in the snow.


Bobby, America thanks you and your badass bugeye 'Rex for your commitment to public safety.

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WRXs are so strong that an STi once pulled me out of Jennifer Lawrence.

True story.