The Greatest Takedown Of A Bad F1 Driver I've Ever Seen

F1 has its share of reject drivers, most famously the tragic, crude, lovable Taki Inoue. But I've never seen a takedown of adriver like this on-screen destruction of Andrea de Cesaris.

The scene comes from this excellent piece 'Shit Nelson Piquet Says.' It's worth watching on its own for a look into the oft-forgotten, rude, crude, grumpy triple world champion who once karate-kicked a guy in the middle of a race.


Piquet describes what it's like to be slow at the end of his career, stuck next to the shittiest drivers in the field.

Cue the montage of de Cesaris (who holds the record for the longest F1 career without a win) crashing, burning, and taking out much of the field. Brutal, and so very hilarious.

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Dream Theater of the Absurd

As I recall, the late James Hunt also made a number of pointed comments about de Crasheris during his broadcast career.