The Most Tragic-Yet-Hilarious Moment In Motorsports History

This is Taki Inoue, among the worst F1 drivers of all time, getting hit by the track ambulance while he tries to put out the smoldering wreck of his car and his career. It's like watching a dozing puppy tumble off a couch.

Poor Taki had just outqualified his teammate at the 1995 Hungarian Grand Prix when his engine failed. He pulled off to the side of the track and got out to assist the marshals, as you can see above (and on video). Inoue, understandably in a hurry, didn't see the marshal's Tatra coming towards him. Remember, this is a race car driver who finally has an opportunity to redeem his worth in his sport, desperately trying to save his car. You can feel his adrenaline.

Then the car hit him and broke his leg.

He recovered in time for the next race, but he would not compete in F1 after '95.


Not that he raced much in '95 in the first place; he didn't finish 12 of the 17 races that year, at one point getting his car wrecked while it was being towed back to the pits.

Taki is taking life in good stride these days and is certainly one of the funniest people related to F1, as his lively Twitter feed attests:


Photo Credits: michael1995T (Gif), AP (Picture)

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