Why Wouldn't You Be Able To Use A Van For A Burnout?

A burnout. It's a simple concept. It helps if you have something powerful and rear-wheel drive like the best cars for burnouts that you all suggested. What it doesn't need to be is complicated.


Complicated as in using a VW Vanagon. Sure it's rear drive, but the engine's back there too. And unless you've stuffed a 911 motor in there, it isn't powerful. Oh, there's a joke coming, isn't there?

After being a runner-up for COTD yesterday, Ash78 wins it today:

I misunderstood the question. My answers were VW Vanagon and '87 Corolla wagon, and let me tell you I've known a lot of burnouts over the years.

The image Will Alibrandi aka Turbineguy supplied, though, seals the concept:


OK, nice work. I'd call it low-hanging fruit but I don't want you to start this all over again.


Photo: Flickr/bjbieg

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