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Social scientists have evidence that violent crime increases as the heat rises, but this brutal, endless winter isn't exactly bringing out the best in us. Case in point: a Michigan man likely to face charges for shooting at a snow plow driver.


The poor plow driver's offense? He wasn't clearing the snow at an apartment complex fast enough, according to

The website reports an unnamed 39-year-old man, who has a concealed handgun permit, confronted the snow plow driver early this morning at the apartment complex with his gun drawn. He was reportedly angry the snow wasn't being removed from around his wife's vehicle fast enough, so he fired a round at the plow.

Luckily, the plow driver wasn't hurt, but the bullet did shatter the windshield. The gunman was later arrested and ordered to surrender his pistol.

The plow driver, Ben Clink, told what happened in a follow-up story:

While he was piling up the snow behind the white car, a man approached him, Clink said. The man was screaming at Clink for piling the snow up behind the vehicle. And then, he pulled out a gun.

Clink ducked down behind the wheel of his vehicle as far as he could and the man fired one shot, hitting the windshield in the upper driver's side corner. The man then continued to approach the vehicle while Clink pleaded with him not to shoot again.

"I was just saying 'Please don't shoot me, please don't shoot me, I'll move the snow, please don't shoot me,'" Clink said.


Clink kept plowing the apartment after the shooting happened and after speaking to reporters.

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