Subaru Might Give Us A Legacy With A Turbo Or A Flat Six After All

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Whatever car you think the 2015 Subaru Legacy looks like, there's no question it will remain a totally competent competitor to other family sedans. What it doesn't look like is an exciting car to drive. That could change if Subaru decides to drop a turbo in the thing.


Car and Driver is reporting there are already powertrain improvements coming to the 2015 Legacy, even though it isn't even in showrooms yet. The most exciting development is the rumor of the 2.0-liter turbo four from the Forester XT and 2015 WRX winding up in the midsizer. In the WRX, it makes 268 horsepower, while it does 250 in the Forester. It also pulls off fuel economy ratings of 23/28 MPG in the crossover, better than what the six-cylinder Legacy will do with just 6 more horsepower.


That's all the more reason Subaru sources are indicating a new flat-six in the works that will provide more potency and efficiency. C&D reports this new six could be smaller than the current 3.6-liter, 256 horsepower mill, but will offer more power. The new six will probably make it into the next Outback as well.

But as much as I like the idea of a flat-six engine that isn't in a Porsche, a Legacy with a WRX engine sounds even better.


Photo: Subaru