I had a friend in college who used to roll in a used 1990s Mercedes S-Class. That's a cool car in any era, but hers was even cooler because it had a carphone. That's right, plebs: a phone in your car!


It didn't work by the time she had it. But carphones, especially OEM ones like that, were hot shit back in the day. Now they're laughable.

That's our question of the day: What new automotive technology will look ridiculous in the future?

Most infotainment systems on new cars we test are pretty hit or miss now, so I'm sure those will look like a total joke in just a few years. But I nominate Facebook and Twitter integration in cars.

I bet when some college kid in 2027 picks up a Chevrolet Cruze as a cheap beater, he'll be pretty perplexed about what Facebook and Twitter even are, let alone how he's supposed to use them.


What tech won't age well?

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