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Wider is better. Pontiac knew this in the 1990s, and Porsche has known this always. Which is why the Porsche 911 (especially in extra-wide 4 and Turbo forms) has always looked so good from behind.

Now if only they'd stick that big light bar on every 911. Something about it just works. Davor Manojlovic, the photographer that took this shot, has a great ode to the Porsche 911 on his site:

While growing up in communist Yugoslavia (which Croatia was a part of), seeing a Porsche on the road was probably not as common as in Southern California. "Ordinary" people drove Fiats, Yugos and Zastavas, maybe a Ford or an Opel or a VW here and there. There were no yuppie cars since there were no yuppies! Maybe you had an uncle who worked in Germany laying bricks or woodwork and he could afford to drive a Mercedes 190D, but seeing a car from Zuffenhausen usually meant that it was a foreigner. Or a very wealthy uncle.

The thrill and excitement of seeing a Porsche back then was immense – my friends and I used to talk about it for days after seeing one. It was like visiting some beautiful and completely different country for the first time, or seeing that beautiful girl that goes to a different school and you see her only on joint field trips. This scarcity (of Porsches, not girls) contributed to implanting and burning in the strong emotions towards them which in my mind persist even today, some thirty years later. Now when they are quite common (especially Cayennes), I still can't help but turn my head and smile while nodding in approval every time I see one on the road.


There's nothing wrong, Davor, with appreciating what is surely a fine automobile.

Photo credit Davor Manojlovic. Used with permission. For more of his work, check out his website and Facebook page. For a desktop version, click here.

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