Nice Price Or Crack PipeIs this used car a good deal? You decide!  

The seller of today's FJ60 describes it as one of a kind, owing to its well-considered modifications. You'll need to decide what kind of price it is: Nice Price or Crack Pipe?

When first introduced, Toyota's Land Cruiser was little more than a commissioned knock off of the Willys Jeep. It also suffered the unfortunate designation BJ, which must have made junior high a miserable experience.

The following 20-series gained some civility, but was still mountain goat-like in its muck-ability, and it was this series that first saw the model line fissure into two models, the open short truck and a new station wagon with 4 swingers for doors.

Every ensuing update brought with it greater refinement and offered features, but it wasn't really until the 80-series that the Land Cruiser made the switch from serious off-road contender to inclement weather on-road master. The modern 200-series is today far more a luxury truck than something you'd wash out with a hose. That role has been played since 2007 by the Prado-based and retro freak-show FJ40 Cruiser, although this is the last year that Toyota will offer that sightline-impaired truck.

For those Toyota fans who value capability and unflinching ruggedness over automatic climate control and a ride that won't upset your bone china cup of Earl Grey, the panoply of earlier Land Cruisers is the only option. Fortunately, it's also a rich one and there does seem to be quite a number of Land Cruisers of the more macho ilk on the market.


That number includes this 1987 FJ60 edition, which the seller is describing as one of a kind owing to its interesting and potentially appealing modifications. Possibly the most notable of those mods is the switch to a 5-speed with the addition of an H55 box.

In explanation the seller says "If you know anything about the FJ60, you know that the H55 5-speed was not offered as a factory option in the U.S. market for the FJ60 and the OEM cable locking differentials were not offered on FJ60's in the North American market in 1987. You most likely will not find an FJ60 for sale anywhere in the U.S. at this time set up with these rare OEM options."


Well, I'll be the first to admit that my knowledge of Land Cruisers does not extend to that level of model and feature granularity, but I can attest to knowing that the H55 is one stout box, being fully up to the task of handling the 210 ft-lbs of torque the 4.2-litre 2F six produces. I also know that finding one to bolt into your FJ60 isn't going to be cheap.

It's a good thing then that this blue over diamond plate FJ already comes so equipped. Also in the plus column are new upholstery, WARN front and custom rear bumpers, a snorkel intake, and a pretty substantial roll cage inside. Mileage is said to be 177,000 which considering this is an '80s Toyota, means it's likely just getting warmed up.


Despite that reputation, there's also a whole lot of replacin' goin' on mechanically, what with a recently rebuilt head, GM alternator, dual battery set up, and new suspension bits touted in the ad. There's even more, but just those highlights should have both your eyebrows arching in approval.

The seller says that he has only owned this apocalypse mobile outpost for just a couple of months, and that his hips don't lie when it comes to not being able to do the manual dance anymore. I'd think that'd be something you'd figure out before making such a purchase, and I might just ask him about that as the truck is advertised as being walking distance from my house.


What I won't ask about is the price because by the time I could get around to walking over there, you will all have weighed in and settled the question of whether $18,000 is a fair price for this rough and ready FJ. In fact, let's do that right now. Do you think that eighteen grand for this one of a kind Land Cruiser is a deal? Or, does that price mean that, in this case, FJ stands for Effing Joke?

You decide!


Los Angeles Craigslist, or go here if the ad disappears.

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