Drug Lord Chapo Guzman Had A Very Appropriate Car Collection

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Notorious drug kingpin and head of the Sinaloa Cartel Chapo Guzman had, until very recently, a fleet of 43 vehicles. The list of cars has now been released and it's, well, fitting for someone in his job position. Starting with a RENNTech SLR, a cop car clone, and an armored Jetta.


The Mexican Attorney General's office estimates the value of the collection at 21,800,000 pesos, or about 1,646,000 in American dollars. To my ears, that seems a bit low, considering the staggering amount of cars, and the staggering amount of those that were armored, which isn't cheap. The list includes:

- The aforementioned RENNTech SLR

- A Nissan GT-R

- A Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG

- A Mercedes-Benz CLA 45 AMG

- A Dodge Charger "police clone"

- A Ford F-150 (Armored)

- A Ford F-150 Lariat (Armored)

- A Dodge Ram 2500 (Armored)

- A Volkswagen Jetta (Armored)

-A Volkswagen Eurovan (Not Armored)

The list goes on and on, with heavy favorites including armored pickups, armored Jeeps, Mercedes AMGs, and, OF COURSE, a Mazda CX-5.


Gotta have that zoom-zoom.

See the full list over at redpolitica.mx.

H/t to Joaquin!

Photo credit: RENNTech

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Andrew Daisuke

- A Volkswagen Jetta (Armored)