If there ever was one problem with the original Audi RS6 Avant, it was clearly the engine. The twin-turbo V8 only put out a middling 553 horses. That's it. Barely enough to crack 200 MPH. Just awful, really, for a station wagon. That's why the crazed tuners at ABT sought fit to give it an additional 177, for an even 730.


All sarcasm aside about Audi's original energy figures, the ABT RS6-R has got enough power to propel you into the next World Cup. No, not the one coming up in a few months. The one in four years. It can warp space and time enough to propel you into Russia. And if there's anything that will propel you in Russia, it's power.

The heart of darkness that resides under the blacked-out body is still the mill from the regular RS6 Avant, but ABT just slapped on some additional software and a new exhaust system. And I'm sure with that new exhaust system, it doesn't just sound like "Satan" or "a beast." It will sound like Satan gargling the entrails of every opera singer that has dared cross him.

Plus a beast.

Oh, and in case you were hoping to tow a boat, or something, because hey it's still a station wagon and what's the point of ever owning one if not practicality, it's got 678 pound-feet of torque. Which is enough to tow a really, really, really big boat.


As for the exterior accoutrements, ABT has fitted the next coolest thing after blue carbon fiber to various parts, which is red carbon fiber. Because regular carbon fiber is nought but swill for the masses, and red automatically makes things better.


Unfortunately the car is limited to 320 km/h, or about 198 in American, but I'm sure that limiter probably won't be too tough to take off if you have a strong hankering to set the new speed record on ice.


But if you do want to set that record in your newly en-steroided (that is a word, that I just made up) insane Audi, you better get on it. The car is set to officially debut at Geneva next week, but ABT is only putting 25 examples together.

Photo credits: ABT

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