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McLaren 650S Will Start At $320,000 In Europe, 'Leaked' Sheet Claims

Illustration for article titled McLaren 650S Will Start At $320,000 In Europe, Leaked Sheet Claims

The McLaren 650S uses miraculous science to pack 641 Ferrari-obliterating horsepower. But just how much will that horsepower impact your bank account? According to purportedly leaked option list, about 232,500 Euro.


The folks at 650S Forum didn't waste time after the car's debut in getting this option list up, which puts the base cost at 232,500 Euro. That figures out to about $320,000 at the current exchange rate, although this shouldn't be taken as an exact indicator of U.S. pricing. (By comparison, the lesser-but-still-amazing MP4-12C starts at about $240,000 here in America.)


The 650S guide indicates that buyers should expect to pay out the ass for carbon fiber accoutrements, a 3,640 Euro Meridian sound system upgrade, a 5,670 Euro sport exhaust and other pricey options. No one ever said Ferrari ass-kicking came cheap, okay?

Who thinks the 650S's not-so-modest price tag is worth it?

Hat tip to Autoblog!

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I swear if one more person complains that it looks the same as the 12c and p1 I will explode. As long as it isn't ugly it's fine in my book. Also nobody (except for maybe a one or two people) here could ever afford to buy one of these so your complaining doesn't matter. McLaren doesn't care about the keyboard commando complaining that their new super-car doesn't look up to snuff. I'm sure it will be fast as f@#$% which is McLaren's goal with their cars. SO STOP COMPLAINING /end rant.