Let Chris Harris Explain Why The 'Jalopnik Edition' BMW 320i Rocks

When we discovered that you can get the BMW 320i with a manual transmission and sport package, we heralded it as the best 3-Series money can buy (and the unofficial "Jalopnik Edition"). But don't just believe us, take Chris Harris's word for it.

On the newest TEST/DRIVE (/DRIVE's show for consumer car reviews), our pal Chris Harris explains why the 320i might just be the best 3-Series as well as the best premium small German saloon for sporty dynamism.

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Bultaco's JMOD TownCar drives his pa to drinkin

Waaait... 2.0l I-4 turbo putting out 180hp? The FR-S is 200hp out of a NA 2.0l. I'm sure the 320i has a wider power band and all, but where is the usual gang of idiots screaming about total power output on this car?