Here's your home auto repair horror story of the day: An elderly woman in Oregon had to have her hand amputated after her arm got stuck under the hood of her truck, leaving her trapped for 18 hours in 30-degree weather and snow.

TV station KGW reports that Clackamas County resident Joan Zuber, in her 70s, was working on her truck last week when the hood came crashing down on her arm. That left her stuck overnight in frosty weather without food or water. She wasn't freed until the next morning when neighbors on horseback heard her cries for help.

Sadly, this meant Zuber's hand had to be amputated. But amazingly, she seems to be taking it all in stride, according to her daughter:

"That she's doing great and not that big of a deal. She said that it really wasn't that bad so doesn't surprise me. She's doing good and her spirits are really up," she said.


That's a real tough lady right there.

Hat tip to Blair