I'm a big proponent of buying the car you really want. If you want a Morgan 3-Wheeler, get a Morgan 3-Wheeler. Don't somehow tear the front wheel off your $500,000 Mercedes-Benz SLR McLaren and try and pretend it's a 3-wheeler. It's not.


This happened in Manhattan. Somehow, via some unseen act of either awful driving or an unprovoked Hulk attack, the presumably well-to-do SLR owner managed to violently lose the front driver's side wheel and damage almost everything on the front quarter. He then kept driving for seven more blocks.

The scraping sound alone makes me feel like I'm losing money. Look, leave the three-wheel driving to the cars that can handle it:

And you want to know something even more incredible? This isn't even the first time this has happened. Someone should demand a recall. Think of these poor, drunk millionaires, losing wheels all over the place.

(Thanks, Thresher Kiler! Original video from Rob Ferretti, of Super Speeders.)

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