Drunk millionaire drives $500K McLaren SLR with no front wheels

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Riffing on yesterday's unfortunate (and possibly alcohol-related) 911 GT3 RS wreck, the chaps at Axis of Oversteer found an even more egregious example: the wheelless McLaren SLR of Roberto Parli.


It happened sometime recently in Switzerland, with Parli in the role of the too-drunk-to-drive Italian in a fancy car. It started when he sideswiped a car in his rare and expensive McLaren SLR, forcing the front right wheel off. Rather than stop, he kept driving until he collided with a truck. He then lost his left front tire.

Deciding the highway wasn't the best place for such a quality piece of engineering, he drove the SLR a few hundred feet to a sidewalk. In an attempt to force his gleaming silver arrow over the curb he let loose the power of the car's hand-built 5.4-liter V8. The wisdom of other motorists and the fire coming from the hood convinced him to stop.

He reportedly screamed "I'm a millionaire, I'll pay for everything I don't care," at the scene. Unfortunately, as Axis points out, Swiss tickets are based proportionally on your wealth. Oh well, at least he's still married to showgirl Adriana Volpe (Google image search that, but maybe not on company time).


This reminds me of an incident in front of my apartment involving a Porsche Cayenne, a few street parked cars and a very drunk driver.

My roommates and I were sitting and watching TV when we heard a large bang outside. To me it sounded like someone slamming down those giant steel plates to temporarily cover up road work. I was wrong. Just outside our apartment a Cayenne had slammed into the back of an 80's Silverado. He was driving fast enough that the Silverado slammed into the car in front of it, which in turn slammed into the car in front of it. The Cayenne was wedged underneath the Silverado.

We didn't think anything of it until we realized all the noise we were hearing was this drunk driver trying to leave. As in, flee the scene. But the Cayenne would not budge: it was stuck to the Silverado. But this guy just sat there doing burnouts trying to get unstuck. Burnouts. In 4wd. Normally I like the smell of burning rubber, but not from an inebriated ass clown trying to flee the scene of an accident.

So, we head outside and the guy steps out of his car. Slurred speech and all he's rambling to us "Can we keep this quiet? I'll pay for everything. Just keep this quiet, right? Is that okay?" Then, we notice there's smoke coming from under the crumpled hood. I take a quick peek through the now huge panel gaps and see a small fire flicker to life. Not wanting to watch a Silverado burn to the ground, we went to get some water to put it out.

While we were getting water, this guy sticks his head into the gap and starts trying to blow the fire out. Because that'll work. So, he's in our way trying to blow the fire out. We're trying to pull his head out from underneath the crumpled hood so we can put the fire out. So, he's huffing and blowing on the fire and at the same time turning to me and saying "We can keep this quiet. I can pay for the damages." We finally pull his head away from the fire toss some water on it and poof, fire's gone. He's still rambling "Don't tell anyone okay?"

At the same time, the neighborhood has come out to watch this guy try to blow the fire out. As we're dousing the flames, someone kindly tells us that putting water on the fire will only make it worse. Drive-by smart ass. But, the water does the trick and the fire is out as the cops show up. Who take their sweet ass time in figuring out that this guy is well beyond the legal limit and should be arrested. So the snap the cuffs on him and very gently put him in a squad car.

An hour later, four teens come back to their car and find a notice the cops have left behind. This poor kid looks like he's ready to cry. His bumper pretty much fell off and sheet metal is crumpled and all he got was a hand written notice saying "For more information stop by precinct so and so."

So, drunk people with too much money are douchebags.