Porsche 911 GT3 RS wrecked, driven home, wrecked further

A poster over at the Houston-Imports forum put up these photos of a severely wrecked new Porsche 911 GT3 RS with the line "Need to learn how to drive it.....especially in the combat zone of the Woodlands, TX." Who can make jokes at a time like this?


I have few doubts this is real. I grew up in The Woodlands and, though every street is hidden behind a veneer of pine trees, it has that lifeless look to it. I wasn't one of the wealthy few who had access to nice cars, but I've certainly seen them abused and mistreated enough to also be a believer.

The poster in question goes by the name Mr. MCoupe but actually drives a Lotus Exige. Is it his new car, is it not? The car's ownership is unclear, but how this accident happened isn't, thanks to another poster who put up photos of the accident.

Whether it was understeer or snap oversteer or just someone accidentally hitting a curb because their judgment was impaired in some way we may never know. But car met curb at a speed high enough to damage the Porsche's expensive body.


It also appears the person who wrecked their 911 GT3 RS drove it home that way… or at least as close to home as they could before they front wheel just snapped off completely. How long is that trail of fluid behind the car? Perhaps it was flat-bedded there, but I'm not giving anyone who makes those color choices the benefit of the doubt.


Bragging about destroying a $160K Porsche? Sometimes I miss my hometown.

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