Farmers, at least the ones who really know, will tell you that bulls both big and small smell like heavenly nectar. Notes of sandalwood, leather, lilac, and other lovely things abound. Oh wait, no. They smell like literal crap. Which is why I'm sure Lamborghini's newest offering, a cologne, will smell fantastic.

Oddly enough, after a brief first mention, Lamborghini fails to mention bulls anywhere in the press release:

Collezione Automobili Lamborghini, the clothing and accessories line with the DNA of the House of the Raging Bulls' super sports cars, presents the Spring-Summer 2014 collection.

The must-have

The newest product in the collection is definitely the perfume "L", for men who love essential, unique luxury. The first of the four fragrances, a limited edition with only 999 produced, will be presented in a world preview at the Geneva Show on 4 March. The perfume, designed by a creative team and perfume experts for Collezione Automobili Lamborghini, extends the values of the worldfamous super sports car brand to an olfactory experience. "L" is the first perfume by Collezione Automobili Lamborghini, extending the product range for the first time to fragrances for men.


They'll be debuting the first of the four perfumes at the Geneva Motor Show, and I'll make sure that our trusty European, Mate Petrany, does nothing short of taking a bath in the stuff. He'll smell great.

Also on offer for the first time is what Lamborghini is calling a "cashmere jumpsuit," for both men and women. Let me say that again:

Cashmere. Jump. Suit.

There are no pictures of said cashmere jumpsuit, but this is the main Wikipedia image for a jumpsuit:


So yeah. Just imagine that, but, like, cashmere. And a little Lamborghini badge on the chest.

Automotive branding is so great.

Photo credits: Lamborghini, Flickr user resilientjake

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