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Not sure if you can add this to the growing list of WDIV's screw-ups, but it sure is an interesting blunder. Police have arrested a man suspected of robbing and shooting his neighbor, but earlier the suspect was interviewed about the incident he's accused of orchestrating.


Taylor resident John Joseph Henry and his wife came home to find a man in their home taking items. After confronting him, Henry was shot in the head. He is still recovering.

After the incident, WDIV interviewed Henry's neighbor, Jeremy Jones, and his girlfriend. The couple mentioned that Henry helped dig them out of the snow when their car got stuck.


"He's got a big heart," Jones told the TV station.

Now police have Jones and another man in custody, saying that Jones was the burglar and shooter. Jones, whose arrest came after tips from other neighbors, allegedly told Henry's wife that he'd come back and kill her if she talked about the robbery.


Screenshot via WDIV

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