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Ford announced last week that it's planning for 11 weeks of downtime at its Dearborn Truck Plant and two weeks at their facility near Kansas City to retool for 2015 Ford F-150 production.

Plenty of blogs are getting all riled up that this could "screw Ford" in the launch of their new truck. But if I had to guess, I'd say Ford is not just now realizing they'll have to stop building trucks for a bit while they get ready for a new product requiring a completely different assembly process.

Ford COO Mark Fields hasn't mentioned many specifics on how they'll keep consumers supplied during the changeover, but he definitely isn't worried about a lack of supply. "We have a lot of experience with this," Fields said, probably right before turning to his colleagues and snickering about how sensationalistic and silly the media is.

Automotive News cites Barclays Capital Analyst Brian Johnson in reporting that "the downtime Ford announced for 2014 implies that the Kansas City plant also will be shut for about nine weeks in early 2015."


I don't predict anything approaching disaster for the Blue Oval here, but keep your eyes out for awesome deals on 2014 F-150s that are still hanging around when the new aluminum truck drops toward the end of the year.