You Need Some Mud Racing With Your Friday Afternoon Break

Truck YeahThe trucks are good!

Did you miss the Tri-State mud racin' championship in Clarksville, Florida last week? For shame! Good thing I subscribe to Rednecks Gone Wild on YouTube so you don't have to.

The week's almost over, and there's nothing like a good down home deep mud drag race to get you ready for the weekend.

Make sure your headphones are on so you don't miss that exhaust roar and golden nuggets of commentary like "it's very muddy and mushy out there on the track."

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I think mud racing is pleasure, but I knew some mud racers and they were nice people who taught me a few things I would never have guessed about the "sport". I guess the trick is to gear your front axle a numerically smaller ratio than your rear, to dig a trench for your rear tires to bite into. Also, it doesn't hurt to have a healthy distrust for the government.