Trucker Who Made Reckless Pass Causing Near-Miss Faces Charges

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A trucker who attempted an irresponsible pass that nearly caused a catastrophic semi-truck pile-up on Ontario Highway 11 is now facing severe criminal charges.

Akmal Hayat was allegedly at the wheel of the oncoming semi truck seen in the terrifying video from Art Ginter's dashcam. The Ontario Provincial Police have leveed charges of "careless driving, failing to remain at the scene of the crash and failing to report the crash," according to Canada's Global News.


Ginter was driving his semi on Ontario Highway 11 early last month, when he came around a bend to see another semi attempting to pass a large plow vehicle uphill. The other rig had nowhere to go but Ginter managed to stick his truck in the weeds as he screamed bloody murder, narrowly avoiding what would have been a horrific accident.

It'd be hard to imagine the level of terror a semi-truck driver might feel watching two equally massive vehicles speed toward him in parallel on a two-lane mountain road. But I think the audio in this clip gives us an idea.

"Honestly, at first I didn't really believe what I was seeing. I applied my brakes to try and slow down. If you see the video you can hear the terror in my voice. I didn't how I was going to get out of it," he said in an earlier interview. "I'm glad that I walked away from it. I have a wife and three kids at home. And I was just happy to be able to get home," said Ginter.