Is An Alfa Romeo 4C Spider In The Works?

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What's the logical extension of the Alfa Romeo 4C lineup? A convertible, of course. That's why Alfa's reportedly bringing an idea of what a roofless 4C would look like to the Geneva Motor Show.

Autoblog, via Italian website 0-100, reports Alfa Romeo will show off a targa-topped 4C concept next week in Geneva.


In addition to the removable roof panel and some new wheels, the 4C Spider concept is tipped to show off a new headlamp design with some kind of cover. Who knows if that's going to be planned as a facelift to silence critics of the current uncovered, alien-looking lights.

We'll find out soon.

Photo: Alfa Romeo

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Oh, thank God they are re-doing those headlights. I have no idea what they were on when they decided that the bug-eye headlights were a good idea, but it must have been some good shit.