GM Might Have A Secret Small Truck Project

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I'm here in Tahoe to drive the new Suburbans and Tahoes and other massive SUVs, but of course all I really care about are very small trucks. And, finally, it looks like I'm not alone, because I believe GM has a very quiet program to make a new small truck similar to the old Chevy Luv.

While wearing down the resistance of GM's designers and engineers with my terrible and numerous ideas, some of GM's people mentioned some very, very interesting things. I was making my usual pleas for a genuinely small truck to be available in the US market, when a few GM employees made several mentions of a "new LUV project." At one point, after mentioning the LUV project, one seemed to realize the impact of what he was saying and quickly backtracked, giving the usual line about not commenting on future models.


The LUV, of course, was GM's small truck built in partnership with Isuzu that still embodies a great deal of what I want in a compact truck.

I certainly don't want to get anyone in trouble, as the people I spoke with were are talented people with some really good ideas, and I sincerely think that if GM is considering a truly compact truck project that's a great thing for them and the truck-buying public.

This is by far the most and most serious talk about a truly compact truck that I've ever heard any manufacturer talk about. J Mays flat out told me Ford isn't interested in a small truck, Fiat/Chrysler doesn't seem to have any concrete plans, making this vague at best mention of a GM neo-LUV project by far the most definitive statement of intent from any manufacturer I've spoken with so far.


Chevy does have a modern take on the LUV in international markets like South America. I have no idea if the referenced "LUV project" has anything to do with these vehicles, but based on their recent rebadging of vehicles like the NV200, it's a possibility.


So, GM , please don't be angry I'm talking about this project you may not be ready to discuss yet. I'm only doing so because I'm genuinely excited, and I'm confident that whoever manges to get a worthy, actually-small truck to market first will reap great, untapped rewards.

I'd love a modern LUV. Please continue.

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Jason are you suggesting a new Envoy XUV? Those didn't sell too well...