Right on schedule, BMW tuner Alpina has announced a hotted-up version of the BMW 4-Series Convertible in the form of the retractable roofed B4.


As in the B3 sedan and B4 coupe, Alpina has massaged the 3.0-liter six in the 435i with two turbos so it produces 410 horsepower, or within spitting distance of the new M3 and M4, according to Bimmertoday.

An M4 Convertible is due any second now, but does it really need that extra 20 horses? Especially since the folding hardtop and added structural bracing doesn't help it be the performance machine like the coupe?


Because we're not likely to get this in the U.S. ever, those of you across the Atlantic can ponder this after the B4 Convertible is revealed at the Geneva Motor Show.

Photos: Alpina

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