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Ford confirmed that the exterior styling and construction materials will remain unchanged for the 2015 F-250 Super Duty, and adamantly maintained that there is no diesel F-150 on the horizon. At least, not yet.


The biggest change we'll see in the 2015 Ford F-250 will be in the turbo setup on the diesel. The outgoing Super Duty utilizes a single turbo with two output pumps, while the 2015 will have a single, larger output that Ford promises will make more power.

How much more, they wouldn't say. Lips were tight on projected efficiency, too. All I could get reps to promise was that the truck would be released "as late as possible in 2014," probably around the third quarter of the year.


Rumors about a diesel F-150 were shut down real fast; every Ford rep I could get ahold of at the Chicago auto show was adamant that no such plans exist. Not for this body style, not at all.

But I suppose if there was one coming, and they didn't want me to know it, that's exactly what they'd say. If Ford is planning a diesel F-150, they want it to come out of nowhere. Rumors notwithstanding.

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