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You can probably do that now. But Volvo is very excited to announce what they call "roam delivery," meaning anything you order can be delivered to your car, wherever you are. This is probably why they've decided to make a big deal about reintroducing the wagon to the U.S.


It sounds a little like the Ford's Dominos app that will be showing up in the Blue Oval's cars soon. But the Volvo system isn't tied to the infotainment system, but rather a digital key in the car. And it works with more than pizza.

According to the company, that key can enable an ordering app from a smartphone or tablet to select the car as a delivery point, rather than a physical address. Owners will even be able to track that digital key and tell when the car is unlocked and then locked again, supposedly indicating their purchase has been placed in their car.

Volvo plans to demonstrate this tech next week at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. They haven't given a timetable on its release, but they point to the Sensus Connect system launched this year in new Volvos as an indicator of the path they're on towards connecting cars.


And no, I don't know why this woman in the photo Volvo supplied is behind the wheel of a Fiat.

Photo: Volvo

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