Torque and rear-wheel drive. It has been the recipe for a century or so, and these ten cars remind us that it should stay that way.

10.) An F1 Car

You're not supposed to do burnouts with an F1 car, but rear-wheel drive and big power are all there, and thanks to Vettel doing what he wasn't supposed to, we'll see more F1 burnouts in the future. Way to go, Champ!

Suggested By: Diesel


9.) A Morgan 3-Wheeler

The lack of rear grip and lots of torque from that S&S V-Twin makes the Morgan 3-Wheeler the most unusual (and easiest) burnout machine you can buy today.


Suggested By: Brian, The Life of

8.) A Classic American Sedan

To be fair, most V8-powered American cars would do the trick, but let's have some love for the Panther platform once again. It was an honest one.


Suggested By: offroadkarter

7.) Any Pickup Truck

Any pickup with a light rear end and loads of torque will get things done the American way.


Suggested By: Demon-Xanth

6.) Any Diesel Rat Rod

Have you seen the sky lately? They certainly haven't. Driving a diesel rat rod is like being in a Beijing smog alert.


Suggested By: Blondude

5.) An SRT Viper

They put a larger engine in the new one than any other production car's. The recipe still works.


Suggested By: N2Skylark

4.) A Mercedes E 63 AMG

AMG is the best European hot rod builder by far. Unfortunately, some of that smoke is just about to go away. Or is it?


Bonus point if you do the same with the wagon.

Suggested By: Automatch Tom


3.) The Wonago Commodore Ute

Glad you've asked! It's a 377 cubic inch Chevy with a 8-71 billet blower. The sound alone is worth a thousand tires. Which it will need very much.


Suggested By: Jayden

2.) Any Rental Car

Burnouts are always easiest when the car isn't yours. The Hertz Mustang makes quite a package!


Suggested By: JSWilson64_g

1.) Everything Jungle Jim Lieberman Drove

Or his contemporaries' drag racers, to be fair. 3,000 horsepower and nitro takes care of most things in life.


Suggested By: The Scrambler says it can be done


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Top Photo Credit: Brad Doerr