Will All-Wheel Drive Ruin The Mercedes AMG Cars?

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While BMW's M cars and Audi's RS machines are known for precision, Mercedes' AMG cars are known for smoking their tires at every single chance they get. They are the muscle cars of the performance German sedan world.

But this week we learned that the next Mercedes E63 AMG will be all-wheel drive. What?

The recent AMG cars have been tire smoking, ridiculous beasts that prey on the weak and eat tires for lunch. That's what has made us love them oh so very much. But in 2014, the E63 will be the first AMG car with all-wheel drive.


Torque will be split 33-67 between the front and rear wheels, which will probably get rid of AMG's trademark tire smoking goodness. That makes us sad, but we understand to a degree. It makes the cars safer and more tractable so the average driver won't be terrified to step on the gas.

But it gets rid of AMG's defining characteristic: Crazy ass rear-drive power. So, will all-wheel drive ruin the next E63? Let us know what you think below.

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Victorious Secret

Oh horsecock.

RWD with a proper set of winter tires is just as safe as AWD in those conditions.

AWD does not automatically ensure safety and shame of AMG for using that rational.

Then again, they should really consider fixing their naming before anything else.

Also, thanks for posting a video of the naturally aspirated V8 to remind us that we will NEVER see that engine under the hood of a Merc again.