Yeah, bitch! The star of Breaking Bad and the upcoming Need For Speed movie Aaron Paul will be Top Gear's Star in a Reasonably Priced Car on this Sunday's episode, and he's in HOT PURSUIT of the top of the leaderboard.


For our friends in the UK, the episode will premiere Sunday night, but us yanks will have to (officially) wait until March 10th to see Jesse Pinkman tear up the track in the Vauxhall Astra. Hopefully Aaron and Jeremy will have good CHEMISTRY.

No bitch, unfortunately he won't be driving his Toyota Tercel from Breaking Bad that Travis drove a while back. In order to knock of the current leader Brian Johnson's impressive time of 1:45.1, Paul will have to have quite the NEED FOR SPEED and he'd better not be BRAKING BAD. Otherwise he'd be slow. Ideally, he wont be COOKING his tires, because he wouldn't have enough grip. If he does all this he probably shouldn't have a BAD lap time.

Who knows? He could have such a good lap time he'll become MOST WANTED by the former leaders.


He'll also need a good METHod for having the best line around the track. Get it? He was on a show about meth. Should I stop?

Photo Credit: BBC

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