Three Semi-Coherent Drool Machines Attempt To Discuss Supercars

What is a supercar? What is the difference between a supercar and a hypercar? Is it possible for three car nuts to discuss these questions without turning into blubbering drool machines?

The answer to that last one is no, at least when I myself am involved. The first two are still up for debate and perhaps always will be.

I still maintain that what we call hypercars today should really be called supercars and what we call supercars today should really be called sports cars. The Ferrari 458 is not a supercar, for instance. It's a kind of anti-historical view, one that superimposes past definitions of the automotive landscape on what we drive today.


What do you think?

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So where does the Porsche 959/Carrera GT fall?

959 was group B so a supercar, but its not seperate from racing really, so race car?

And the Carrera GT was a still borne Le mans project and can easily be seen on the track?

Is the MC12 more of a supercar than an enzo because of its GT1 heritage?