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Mustang At Cars & Coffee Shows How You Do Not Drive At Cars & Coffee

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Cars & Coffee meetups have become a sacred ritual of weekend mornings across the USA, where people come to gather and bask in the mutual glow of the love of the automobile. But drivers like the one at the wheel of this Mustang at the Cars & Coffee meet in Charlotte, North Carolina, are just setting us back.

Seth, the reader who sent this in, knows just how bad this sort of thing is:

Yesterday at the cars and coffee meet in Charlotte NC a mustang 5.0 crashed into a fire hydrant trying to do a burnout as he left. They are talking about shutting the event down because of this crap that people do everytime they leave, even though they tell them not to. Luckily no one was standing there as he went over the curb and up the hill to hit the hydrant.

People need to know that this is not ok. There was a cop around, watching people leaving but he was busy giving a ticket to someone else. there was also a M3 with a 2jz swap doing doughnuts prior to this and many people to burnouts. This is a great event and would really suck if it got shut down.


From another angle, you can see just how horrible this whole stupid burnout was:


One of the daily struggles of someone who likes (alright, loves) cars is that I have to convince people I'm not just some pea-brained street racer that likes to show off. I love the way they look, the noise they make, how they feel, and yes, speed. Cars are a multi-sensual art form, that have the added benefit of being incredibly fun as well.

So when automotive enthusiasts gather in the early morning of a Saturday or a Sunday, something that only Productive Members of Society would do, to appreciate all that is the motor vehicle, all it takes is one person driving like an asshat to paint everyone who loves a Lamborghini or an Aston or a Viper or a Volvo look bad.

Leave your burnouts and your racing and everything else for somewhere that isn't a public road.

Don't be that guy.