Passengers Record Bus Driver Attack On Phones Instead Of Calling 911

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A woman went berserk and attacked a bus driver this week after she missed her stop. The bus was full of passengers. Did they try and help the driver? No. Did they call 911? No. They recorded the attack on their phones.

ABC News reports that around 30 passengers were onboard a Franklin, NY bus when an enraged woman attacked the driver for missing her stop. The passenger threw a bottle of water at the driver, cursed her out, then started punching and wailing on her.

None of the passengers tried to stop the attack and none of them even called 911. Two people did take out their phones, but they used them to record the attack on video.


Here's how the bus driver described the attack to local WABC News on Tuesday.

I still had my foot on the brake. I didn't even have my emergency brake on, so any minute, I could roll, I could hit a building or something. And they didn't even care about me. Nobody even care about me

If that's not a damning assessment of today's 'everyone stare at their phones' society, I don't know what is.

Police are still looking for the woman, who left the bus with a kid. If you have any information, please call CrimeStoppers in Nassau County at 1-800-244-TIPS.


The pettiest part of it all is that the bus driver never even missed the woman's stop. The passenger just hadn't realized she'd gotten on an express bus.

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Ok, I'll be the dissenting asshole then.

So what if the recording culture ends up being a good thing (read: in the long run)? If everyone was paranoid of getting video taped it might be better crime prevention than 911. As we know, 911 doesn't prevent much. It's been around for decades, and crime rates still suck. But what really damning to a criminal? Video evidence.

These people might be on to something their subconscious is driving at, because I'm with you - they still really aren't thinking.