I Shit You Not, My Uncle Got This East-German Vacuum Truck For $880

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Here's the thing: If you happen to have an estate deep in the woods there probably aren't any sewage pipes around. So you bury a massive tank and call a vacuum truck twice a year to take care of its content. But what if you could have your own vacuum truck?

Surplus vehicles are the best. This IFA W50 belonged to the Budapest Public Works Department and covered only 16,777 miles. It also used to be orange instead of its current paint that honors Lapo Elkann.


If you aren't familiar with IFA, here's a short summery from Wikipedia:

Industrieverband Fahrzeugbau ('Industrial Association for Vehicle Construction') was a conglomerate and a union of companies for vehicle construction in the former East Germany (German: Deutsche Demokratische Republik - DDR).

IFA produced bicycles, motorcycles, light commercial vehicles, automobiles, vans and heavy trucks. All East German vehicle manufacturers were part of the IFA, including Barkas, EMW (which made Wartburg cars), IWL, MZ, Multicar, Robur, Sachsenring (which made Trabant cars) and Simson.

Yes, I would love to hoon a Multicar as well. But back to my uncle's IFA!

If renting a vacuum truck costs $175, you need one at least twice a year and you can get a prime example from the state for $880, you do the maths and buy the damn thing immediately. The camo paint is all it needs to fit in the woods.


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