When news broke that Chevy was going to flood the Winter Olympics coverage with new commercials, I decided to make even less of an effort to watch the games. But it turns out the ads have been good, including the one with the gay families and the Traverse. This one for the Equinox is a great lesson in revealing too much information.


Because too many of us have had nights we have to piece together in the morning, the guy driving the Equinox should've known better than to ask Siri to read his texts with a woman friend in the passenger's seat. Turns out he had a wild night, one that might require laser treatments at a later date.

I don't even like answering the phone when it's tied to Bluetooth in a car full of people, so there's no way in hell I'd let Siri read my texts in a car with more than myself in it. But more importantly, how does the Equinox translate emojis?

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