Here's A 2015 Corvette Z06 Prototype Just Hanging Out At Walmart

You know how it is. You gotta go the Walmart, pick up some lettuce and Duck Dynasty-branded control top pantyhose, and then oh hello, there's a 2015 Corvette Z06 prototype just hanging out in front of God and everybody like it's no big deal.


This video comes to us from two intrepid Walmart shoppers who stumbled onto a new pre-production Corvette prototype out testing in Yuma, Arizona where GM operates their Desert Proving Grounds. One of them immediately IDs it as a Z06 and decides to follow that motherfucker all over, and you know you would too.

Sometimes the folks who drive these cars don't want people taking photos of it, but the 'Vette driver right away fesses up to it being a Z06 with the Z07 package. And he seems cool with them ogling it a bit in the parking lot.

You know, just a Z06 prototype at the Walmart. Same as you see every day.

Hat tip to Joel!



When I have the means I may just buy a car and have it wrapped in camo. Then I'll take a cross country trip and swing through all the major car spotting locations.

Is that the new Corvette?

It looks like the old one...but older.

No, they're going for the retro look.

If by retro you mean just old, they got it.

I gotta blog about this.

::Two months later::

This published concept is nothing like what we saw on the road. Good thing they noted our article on my blog and took our criticism to heart.