This $1.6 Million Dubai Police Bugatti Veyron Is Real

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The Bugatti Veyron, once the most expensive, fastest car in the world, is dolled up like a patrol car in Dubai. That's it. It's finally happened.

I know you're thinking this is a fake, because the last time a white Bugatti in Dubai police livery made the rounds online, it wasn't real. That last fake, though, was possibly more of a statement of intent than a genuine hoax, as points out.

This time the car is very much real, from the official Dubai Police Facebook page, to this video of the car driving along after its official unveiling.

The Bugatti, sadly, will not be chasing bad guys in some kind of Metropolis-meets-Kanye West video alternate reality. Like the other Dubai police cars, this Veyron will just serve as something like a permanent parade car, a rolling billboard to the UAE's wealth.


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Photo Credit: the Dubai Police Facebook page