Will The New Ferrari California Debut Next Week?

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Ferrari is going to be showing some sort of car at the Geneva Motor Show. It's called the "149M." Is this the new California?


A cryptic teaser was released on Ferrari's Twitter (because why surprise anyone ever again?) that says a car called the 149M will debut on February 12th.

The Geneva show isn't until early March, but it wouldn't be crazy to think that the new California could be shown ahead of time. That also what Autoweek thinks. If it is, look for it to have Ferrari's now traditional elongated headlamps and take on an aggressive, F12-ish vibe.

Another scenario has the 149M being that one-off FF coupe that we've heard so much about in the last few weeks. Guess we'll find out next week.


JayZAyEighty thinks C4+3=C7

What if... just what if it had a gated manual and Maranello was just playing a nasty trick on us by announcing its death?