The Honda Civic Si is a quick car, but it's also stuck with a puffy face and a bunch of other tacky add-ons. And it's not a hatch. The Honda Civic Type R Concept solves that. Except for the fact it's a concept. And history tells us we're not getting the production version. So it's not quite problem solved.

Sure, it's just a sketch right now, but at next month's Geneva Motor Show the Honda Civic Type R will be a real-life thinly veiled version of what the production Type R will look like when it goes on sale in Europe next year. Wearing crazy wheels, quad pipes and an even crazier wing-on-a-wing, it looks flat out ridiculous. And fantastic.

We already know it'll be fast, well, at least around the NĂĽrburgring. But with Honda already admitting its new turbocharged 2.0-liter four good for at least 280 horses, there's plenty of reason to believe it'll be fast on normal European roads. How about bringing it over to American roads, eh?


Honda doesn't have a real halo car in America and it desperately needs one. What about this?


Photo: Honda