The problem with a Buick Adam is simple. It isn't the car itself – why shouldn't Buick be allowed to offer a stylish city car? The problem is the unwillingness to change the name. What the hell is a Buick Adam?

I have no idea why GM doesn't want to spring for a few different chrome letters and call the Buick and Vauxhall versions something else, especially since they've gone to the expense of releasing a new version called the Adam ROCKS. Although there's always a way to cut costs somewhere else.


Ledbull proposes a new Adam variant, although there are pluses and minuses here, too:

  • Make another car called the Opel Eve.
  • Introduce them
  • Save on manufacturing costs

Arch Duke Maxyenko, The Great!:

Just don't let Eve have the fruit.



Something tells me this wouldn't sit well with Opel's labor union, either.

Photo: Opel

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