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Dubai Plans 'Operation Fuck The Poor' To Keep Cars Only For The Rich

Illustration for article titled Dubai Plans Operation Fuck The Poor To Keep Cars Only For The Rich

Dubai announced new plans to raise fuel costs, parking fees, and insurance prices on cars and well, some people ain't too happy about it, with one website dubbing the plan 'Operation Fuck the Poor.'


In an article titled 'Poor People In Dubai May Have to Kiss Cars Goodbye,' Car Debater says that Dubai's director general Hussain Lootah is trying "basically to get the poor people off the road to make room for all of the wealthy people."

Car Debater isn't as far from the truth as you might think. Lootah told the press that he is considering legally restricting car ownership to people within a certain salary bracket, as The National reports.


Lootah goes on to explain that the whole cause for limiting car ownership and use is pollution and overcrowding on the roads as Emirates 24/7 reports.

The problem is too many cars on the roads. It is not just Dubai [issue] alone. The whole UAE has to consider.

A further quote popped up in The National.

"Everybody has their luxury life," said Hussain Lootah, director general of Dubai Municipality. "but the capacity of our roads cannot take all of these cars without ownership laws."


Lootah explained that he plans to expand the city's already-growing public transit systems. It's going to take more than that to shake the 'fuck the poor' image.

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Well, just to play Devil's Advocate for a second....other city-states like Singapore have taken a similar approach. It costs a quite ridiculous amount of money to buy and licence a car there. It might not be explicitly stated as a "fuck the poor" policy, but the effect is the same. In fact pricing people off the road through punitive car taxes has been the approach in lots of lovely liberal happy-clappy countries as well, like Denmark.