Last summer, I told you that the Golf GTD is coming to America in 2015. A quick update on that: It's still coming, just on its own schedule.


When it became clear that the plug-in hybrid Golf GTE will not be sold in the US, many of you started wondering about the GTD. To my best knowledge, it was supposed to show up at American dealerships late this year.

Then came jaxwag3n:

I don't know who you've been talking too but I think I might have a more inside track than you. I would like to prove you wrong but showing you the official documents is against corporate policy.

Neither are coming because of a mixture of too small of volumes/small profit margins/cannibalization. Common sense stuff.


Common sense my ass, but I asked VW again to clarify. The truth is a mixed bag.

On one hand, they still want the GTD to make it there. On the other, most of the people responsible for this decision have been replaced by new executives. Different execs, different priorities.


The American GTD is still on a list of their to-dos, just further down. VW has time to make a business case and homologate the entire powertrain as they operate with seven-year model cycles, but if you want their fast diesel hatchback, start sending those emails soon.

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