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The Second Gen Honda Odyssey Was Way Cooler Outside The US

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I spotted this mid-90's Honda Odyssey in the taxi stand of the Nassau airport and thought I might have discovered an uncelebrated Bahamian tuner minivan culture. But no, apparently the second generation Odyssey everywhere outside America kept conventional doors and got a little sporty.


The first four-door Honda Odyssey was touted as a revolutionary entrant in the mid-90's minivan market with its small stature and car-style doors. True, it was the only minivan at the time to omit Huey-style sliders. But otherwise it was pretty much just a really tall Accord wagon.

The idea of a Honda minivan was a hit, but not so much the original execution. Honda quickly conformed to the status-quo of sliding doors for the second iteration of their minivan. At least, they did in the US. As I just learned, and felt compelled to share, the Odyssey lived on an obese station wagon in other parts of the world.


This global market Odyssey was aesthetically a facelifted first gen, but was available with a AWD and a manually shiftable automatic transmission called Honda S-Matic. That sounds like a tidy little people mover, and I'm not ashamed to admit that I dig this body kit.

Am I nuts, or can anybody else get behind this?

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Johnny Utah

This seems to be the case with a lot of Japanese cars. We Americans tend to get neglected when it comes to special performance models or ones with unique styling. I'm sure there is a practical reason for this but I'm in no mood to put in the legwork to find out. Another gem of Honda's that we also failed to get was the Accord Euro R sedan.