New Ferrari Will Debut Tomorrow, Likely A Front-Engined One-Off

Everyone knows Ferrari has two unrevealed front-engined custom cars in the works, the SP FFX and the SP Arya. Now they're teasing a new reveal tomorrow. Oddly, it doesn't look like these match up.


Here's the full graphic and caption provided by Ferrari Magazine and retweeted and reposted by Ferrari itself.

Ferrari Magazine, it should be said, was the first to reveal that the people at Maranello were working on the SP Arya, a custom 599 GTO for a Dubai-located Indian businessman.

Curiously, the side profile in Ferrari's teased image doesn't match up with leaked images of the SP Arya. Nor does it quite match the side profile of the SP FFX, which has three GTO-style vents in the place of a fender swoosh.


The design looks something like a cross between an FF, an F12, and a 599 indicating we're either looking at a custom one-off built by Ferrari's Special Projects program, or we're looking at the much-awaited new Ferrari California. I'd bet on the former.


UPDATE: Reader Mers has given some pretty compelling evidence that this is almost certainly going to be an updated Ferrari California, based on some behind-the-scenes messages from Ferrari. You can read the whole explanation right here, but I'll leave this excerpt.

Most believe it to be the new California, including those who received the private e-mail from their dealers referring to the car as the F 149 M Project. F149 was the chassis code for the California. M as usually employed by Ferrari means "Modified" (yes they say it in Italian but I'm not gonna go there). Cars with the M designation have usually been improvements to earlier models, though not on an entirely new platform.


Photo Credit: Ferrari

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