The Nissan Pao's Press Pics Have Dinosaurs, Are The Greatest Ever

All carmakers, feel free to give up now, you'll never beat these press pics for the 1989 Nissan Pao.

Here's that first one again.


And here's the second one. Come on, friggin' dinos. Can't top that.

Not even with somewhat-naked ladies, Vector. I know you tried.


Sadly, Nissan's media archive (see it right here) only has two dinosaur-related Pao pics, so I assume that's all that were taken.

The Nissan Pao was one of the four Nissan Pike cars: the Be-1,


the Figaro,


and the S-Cargo.


None of them, as you can see, were posed in prehistoric scenes.

We may never see such wonderment again.

Photo Credits: Nissan

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