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The Volkswagen Golf GTI Is 'A Gateway Car'

The Volkswagen Golf GTI doesn't need to be the fastest or best-driving hot hatch out there. What a successful GTI needs to be is all the car you could ever possibly want. And this video from XCar is yet more confirmation the Mk 7 is a successful GTI.


Yes, some of you would argue that a front-wheel drive Golf will never be as sharp to drive as something like a Focus ST or the impressive 2015 Subaru WRX. As a benchmark for the perfect everyday car though, it's hard to top VW here.

Let this be five minutes of a reminder that it'll probably be worth giving the 2015 GTI a drive when it hits dealerships in a few months before signing on the line in front of your Ford or Subaru salesperson.

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Seriously? I'm sick of the ST love around here. Yes the steering is sharper but the car isn't the full package. GTI is still the best all-around and it has a real interior and not some blue boy-racer dream. Plus, with DSG the GTI is neck in neck with an ST. Even a mild APR tune and the stock ST is history. Am I a fanboy? I guess so. I'm just tired of the one-dimensional ST being regarded as the end-all-be-all hot hatch.

Re: the MK7 though, I won't buy one. Mexican VWs are basically guaranteed to be awful. It's an S3 or M235i this time around. Maybe a V60 polestar if I like the handling.