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Is Maserati Making An F-Type?

Illustration for article titled Is Maserati Making An F-Type?

At the Geneva Motor Show, Maserati will show the production Quattroporte Ermenegildo Zegna Limited Edition. We've pretty much seen it before. What is though is this concept car rumored to be their Jaguar F-Type fighter.


All Maserati is saying now is this:

The second premiere is the much anticipated concept car that will give a nod to the style of Maseratis of the next 100 years.


Maserati's latest strategy has been to surprise, so that explains why we haven't seen much leaked before the show. What we do know, and what other outlets have reported previously, is the company is plotting some kind of Porsche 911-priced car.

Given that Porsche, like Jaguar, is in Maserati's line of sight these days you can bet this concept will be something that will replace the current line of GranTurismo coupes and the GranCabrio in the coming years.

We'll find out in a matter of days.

Photos: Jaguar, Maserati

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I hope they keep 2 coupes

1. GranTurismo : the inter-continent cruiser like S coupe, Bentley continental etc

2.GranSport : a pure sports car like 911, R8, F-type etc